Spotlight: Robot Lolo

If looking at pretty anime inspired girls has become mundane, and you need a dose of dreamboat boys to change things up, then this week’s spotlight will send you straight into outer space! The elusive Robot Lolo is a New York based artist living 9-5 in the world of the fashion, yet moonlights as an amazing illustrator and comic artist. The Boss Cat LLC has had the luxury of following their career evolution, and is in great awe of all the twists and turns in their adventures! Get acquainted with her amazing art here:

Normcore Fiamma and Ariel hitting the streets! Fi’s sportswear outfit, including her PYRE tennis skirt, is majorly on point. You could even say that her steez is on fire ;)



Catalist will officially have a release date in the coming weeks; it is a very exciting time for everyone at The Boss Cat LLC :)  The artists working on the prologue chapters are Jerome Queval, Matt Rockefeller, and Xanth Bouma, with 3D models by Katherine Diaz and music by Johnny Mackay! Also let’s not forget the character designs by Jen Lee & Daniel St George ;)

As a special treat, here is a little sneak peak of the development! And as always, expect the unexpected :)

One of our favorite artists Yumbles has finally put some rad stuff for sale. CHECK EM OUT HERE ~~~